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Consulting Accelerator Review 2021

An in-depth review of the Consulting Accelerator program by Sam Ovens

My Review of Sam Oven’s Consulting Accelerator Program (Consulting.com)

By Chris O’Brien

In this review, I will take a deep dive into the Consulting Accelerator program by Sam Ovens. I am going to share my own personal experience of the program and what it has to offer. The review will cover the following…

1. Start a 1 Week Free Trial of Consulting Accelerator + Get $500 Off

2. Why I purchased this program

3. The Consulting Accelerator Online E-Learning Platform + Boxset of Physical Workbooks

4. What Is In The Course?

5. Private Facebook Group

6. My Opinion Of The Consulting Accelerator Program

7. Frequently Asked Questions

8. Watch My Video Review

9. Watch The Free Mindset Video “Face Off With The Devil”

Start Your Free Trial + $500 Off

If you want to do a free trial of the Consulting Accelerator program, you can simply click the link below and create your account. If you are happy with the content after the first week you have the opportunity to continue the program and receive $500 off the price tag. 

This is the way I got started.. and you should too. Simply because it is a good deal and $500 is better in your pocket to kick start or boost your business.

This is not an offer from me personally. The free trial + $500 off is a legitimate offer from Consulting.com (you’ll see when you click the link)

Why I Purchased Consulting Accelerator

I had already purchased several programs around building a digital marketing agency, specialising in Facebook ads. With a handful of clients already, I was really having trouble with my mindset.

I had seen Sam’s webinar, spent time at Consulting.com and following Sam on YouTube. I was 50/50 on purchasing, but decided to pull the trigger when he released one video from his course called ‘Face Off With The Devil’

It was the answer to a lot of the struggles I was experiencing and the content was unlike anything I had heard before about the ups and down of entrepreneurship and why we sabotage our success.

Although this was the reason I initially purchased, all the other content in the course has benefited me also personally or with my business. I’ll go into detail about each section below.

If you want to watch the video for yourself, scroll to the bottom of this page…

The Consulting Accelerator Online E-Learning Platform + Boxset of Physical Workbooks

When you sign up to the Consulting Accelerator program you will have access to an online e-learning platform, receive a boxset of physical workbooks, access to a private Facebook group and 24/7/365 support.

The online e-learning platform at consulting.com is easily the best online learning platform I have used. The navigation is very simple and a pleasure to use. I have experienced a few other popular platforms and they do not even compare to the custom platform at consulting.com

The course content is also delivered in a variety of ways, depending on your personal learning style. You can watch the material on video, listen to an MP3 or read a full transcript of the video. 

One of the stand-out things about the Consulting Accelerator is the boxset of Physical workbooks you receive. 

The boxset includes….

– The Alchemy Notebook: For taking notes throughout the course

– The Alchemic Conversion Script: Follow this to dominate in sales

– Alchemy Planner: Daily planner to accelerate and track your results

– Workbooks x 2: A full transcript of the whole course in 2 large, textbook size books

– Alchemy Of Self: A folder to keep your personal transformation work

(The private Facebook group will be covered in a different section below)

What is in the Consulting Accelerator?

Week 1 – Fundamentals & Foundations

– Setting Your Foundations

– Natural Law & The Equation

– The Evolution of a Consultant

– Taking a View on the Market

– Picking your 2.0 Niche

– Crafting Your MVO

– Resonating Your Message


The first week of Consulting Accelerator is about setting your foundations and deciding on a niche (if you don’t already have one)

I already had decided I wanted to provide Facebook Ads as a done for you service for businesses. The material in this section helped me to discover the importance of having a “niche within a niche” (niche-ception) and how to craft a message that will resonate with them.

Working on your 2.0 niche and your message will help you to identify what the market actually wants before you start trying to sell what the market may not even want.

Personally I usually like to jump straight into the “how to” parts of a program and start getting my hands dirty, however taking my time in this section helped me to get some clarity around what I was already offering.

Week 2 – New Paradigm & World View

– The Dark Force Holding Your Heels

– Face Off With The Devil

– Duality & The Conflict of Man

– Seeing For The First Time

– Alchemy of Self

– New Paradigm & World View

– Rolling Gods Loaded Dice


Week 2 is my favourite week of the program and the reason I decided to purchase. This week of mindset training is unlike any other mindset training I have taken before.

The thing I like the most if the philosophy and research behind Sam’s methodology. Having a set of tools and exercises is one thing, but knowing why and how we are not where we want to be, or who we want to be is completely different.

Some of the things he covers…

Why do we know what we need to do, but don’t do it?

Why do we take 2 steps forward and then 3 steps back? Sabotaging our own success.

What is the “dark force” that is to blame for all of this.

If you only need 1 reason to enroll in Consulting Accelerator. Week 2 is that reason. It is not only so you can be successful in business, but so you can be successful in your own life.

Week 3 – Alchemy of Client Conversion

– The Illusion of Sales

– Alchemy of Conversion

– Crafting your Script

– Pendulum of Doubt

– Igniting Your Flame


Week 3 is all about sales. Specifically how to close somebody with 1 phone call. This training covers a lot about sales psychology and provides a high converting sales script.

It also helps you to track your sales calls and how to improve your results. The mindset module comes into play here also, as you will need a strong mindset if you are not “natural” at sales or have a fear of talking to people or fear of rejection.

I personally struggle with sales to this day and this is the area I need most improvement. This year I will be doubling down on the sales training and be getting on the phone a lot more. In the past I have been petrified of sales. I have hired closers and have had success, however it is an extremely important skill and I want to be comfortable doing this myself. I will report back here as I progress on my sales journey. 

Week 4 – Alchemy of Client Attraction

– Falling for the Trap

– Alchemy of Client Attraction

– Organic Attraction Methods

– Paid Attraction Methods

– Assembling the War Machine

– Planning Your 30 Day Attack

– Conquering Paralysis


Week 4 is about prospecting. Sam does not recommend using any paid traffic sources to begin with while you test your offer with the market. He provides multiple organic prospecting methods to help you get started.  He covers Facebook Posts, Direct Outreach, Lumpy Mail, List Farming and Joint Ventures.

From what I have seen there are many methods to attract new clients organically. If you are in the B2B space I recommend cold calling as a way to connect with prospects fast, which is not covered in this section. If you want to master cold calling, shoot me an email and I can recommend some great coaches in this space.

The “War Machine” Sam refers to in this section of the course is all about registering your business, learning how to take phone payments and setting up your funnel. Once this is setup you will be ready to start booking in sales calls, closing them and taking payments.

From my experience, there are a lot of different types of funnels you can use to get your calendar booked. This funnel is tried and true and perfect if you have no experience building a funnel. He provides a step by step video walk through to get everything setup.

This part of the course is the most technical part. Personally, I have already had experience building funnels so I was able to set this up in a day. Sam uses Clickfunnels software for this funnel so you can easily import it into your account.

If you have never heard of Clickfunnels and want to try it out, you can do a 14 day free trial by clicking HERE

Week 5 – Fractal Facebook Evolution

– Fractal Facebook Evolution

– Unveiling The FB Algorithm

– Facebook’s Book of Law

– Playbook For a New Epoch

– Your Ad Hypothesis

– Your Audience Hypothesis

– Tracking Swans & The Polaris Star

– Achieving Omnipresence

– Ad & Audience Templates

– Campaign Genesis

– Governing Initial Conditions

– Daily Workflow of the King

– Ratcheting Up the Kingdom


All I can say about week 5 and Sam’s Facebook ad method is this… Sam has generated 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue from the Facebook ad platform alone.

This training is for anybody who wants to master Facebook ads. Even if you consider yourself an expert, this week’s training will still benefit you. 

Week 6 – Minimum Viable Service Delivery

– Minimum Viable Service Delivery

– Setting Client Expectations

– Hiring Top 1% Contractors

– Project Mgmt & Workflows

– Finance & Cashflow Mastery

– Platform Growth & Scale

– Marketing Automation


The final week of Consulting Accelerator is about delivering to your clients. This section takes minimalist approach to delivering your offer, by removing what is not necessary and delivering the most important thing to your client.

You will also learn how to manage your business, what software his team uses to streamline their operations and how to find excellent talent to fulfill your offering.

I’ve found a lot of other programs lack the attention to detail when it comes to operations. Sam really deep dives into this and it is necessary to grow and scale.

Week 7 + DM Bonus

Although the program is for 6 weeks, there are an additional 2 sections to the program. Week 7 touches on productizing your service and then scaling, then offers the opportunity to work with Sam closer on this next stage of the consulting evolution.

The DM bonus is a bonus week about digital marketing. A lot of people get stuck choosing their niche in the beginning and it can become a roadblock. If you cannot decide on a niche you can learn how to deliver digital marketing services to business. 

There are millions of businesses around the world who need help with digital marketing (many without any online presence at all.) This a an excellent option to get started, if you cannot decide on a niche to start with.

The Consulting Accelerator Private Facebook Group

Update 2021: The Facebook Group has been moved to a custom community platform developed specifically for Consulting Accelerator and provides a better user experience. In the new community the bell is still ringing!!


The Consulting Accelerator Private Facebook Group is a great resource when going through the program. If you are having trouble as you progress, you can simply post your questions in the group. You will receive support from community members and the consulting.com expert team. 

I have also found the group helpful for networking opportunities. There are a lot of active people in the group so it is a great resource if you want to start a JV, or somebody to practice your sales calls with.

When you join the Facebook group you will see posts from students who are “ringing the bell.” These are posted when somebody gets a new client and have become a common post in the group. Sam even has a robot installed at the consulting.com HQ that actually rings a bell, when somebody posts in the group.

My Opinion Of The Consulting Accelerator Program

For me personally, the Consulting Accelerator is worth the investment. The attention to detail in the production and delivery of the information is second to none. As I progress in my own business, I continually return to the material and Facebook group for help.

I’m not a millionaire, however I do make a living from my digital marketing business and I have the opportunity to do this from home. This was a goal I always wanted to achieve and my next goal will be scaling my business.

Just to be clear, there is no guarantee the Consulting Accelerator will earn you any income. Each individual has very different results, depending on their personal situation when they start and how much they apply themselves. 

Think of it like a gym membership…

Just because you join a gym it does not guarantee you any results. You have to show up and apply yourself consistently. The gym doesn’t make you fitter and stronger… it has tools to help you do it.

If you are thinking of starting or growing your business, I think the Consulting Accelerator has a lot of valuable information and strategies to help you. Some of the information you may be able to find out there if you take time to research and test it your self, but you have to weigh up what your time is worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Consulting Accelerator?

Consulting Accelerator is a 6-week online video course with physical workbooks, live Q&A calls and a thriving community of entrepreneurs. It shows you how to start a profitable business from scratch.

How Much Is The Consulting Accelerator?

The Consulting Accelerator has a price tag of $1999. If you click HERE you can try the Consulting Accelerator for free for 1 week. If you decide to continue with the course you will receive $500 off!

Are There Any Guarantees or Refunds?

The Consulting Accelerator training program is proven with 3,000+ testimonials. However, if you’re still unsure about joining they offer a full 14-day money-back guarantee. Try the program risk-free and if you’re not happy with it ask for a refund within 14-days and they will refund you in full.

Who Is Consulting Accelerator For?

Anybody who wants to start their own business and grow it to 6-figures. It works for anybody, regardless of your previous knowledge, experience, technical ability, or age.

How Does Consulting Accelerator Work?

You watch the videos, take action, use the provided tools, and start building your business brick-by-brick (like Lego). Ask questions in the Fb group or on live Q&A calls. You get lifetime access.

Watch My Video Review

Watch The Free Mindset Video “Face Off With The Devil”

This video is from Week 2 of The Consulting Accelerator Program